A number of sites come online daily looking to collect your health care dollars. They offer medications and services for many different conditions. The question is who can you trust? You have got to do your homework before trusting your medical information and credit card information to an online provider.

We value your business and your privacy. Consider this before making your purchase.

What We Offer

1. A Real U.S. Pharmacy, owned and operated by a US licensed pharmacy. The pharmacy is required to comply with all regulations and subject to licensure requirements by the state board of pharmacy.

2. A licensed U.S. Medical Doctor (A Real Doctor) The medical information you provide the physician is completely reviewed and your order will be approved or rejected (the doctor's review is on us if you're declined). If you go to a doctor's office and that doctor declines you for the medication you want, you are still charged for the office visit. With this online system your order is reviewed and if you are declined you are not charged a single penny.

3. A secure order site with a proper security certificate. More and more sites are coming and going daily. Some of the bulk (Spam) sites don't even own a domain name; they simply point you to an internet address in a foreign country. Order from these foreign sites and they can be gone with your hard earned money. Worst of all you will not be assured that you will be able to contact customer service, a medical doctor, or a pharmacist. Other sites even put fake secure site graphics up to fool you. We offer a total security ordering solution.

4. Track Record, Something we have earned from you the public who trust us to deliver.

  • Email responses for patients are always answered; with 24 hours.
  • Access to your doctor via email.
  • Online since 2001 with revolutionary compounded medications.
  • Secure ordering system. Medical information system not a pass off of your private information to a third party payment system.
  • Secure protected personal information, your information is kept private.

Our order system proudly employs:
SSL 2.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (High); RSA with 1024 bit exchange issued by Thawte which ensures who you are buying from and that the transaction is secure and your information is protected.

When ordering be sure you see the lock and key icon at the bottom of your browser.

Why settle for a so so online experience when this site has so much to offer you. Real brand name medications, no illegal generics, no fake medications, no expired lots. When your order is filled and shipped from real pharmacy you don't worry about what you are receiving. Only approved medications. There is no such thing as generic Viagra or generic Levitra. They are counterfeit drugs, they are illegal

This is a no nonsense site conducting business and your privacy and satisfaction is our main objective.

What do you get when your order:

  • Your Selected Medication properly labeled and filled by a US licensed pharmacy
  • Patient Information Sheet for your review which describes the use and precautions of the medication for your safety
  • Receipt for your records
  • Complete refill information Pharmacy Telephone and Contact information
  • Discreet Credit Card Billing

How is it shipped?

The answer is discreetly, in a privacy envelope delivered right to your home or office. A signature is required. PO Boxes will be shipped US mail. Your prescription will be approved by a U.S. Licensed Physician prior to being shipped. Please allow up to 3-5 days for delivery.

Order from the established leader in the online medical business. Order from us with confidence today.

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